Odysseia Media & Design Services, an agency with a special focus on dealing with its subjects as works of art. Odysseia Company for Media & Advertising Services, fully independent Company. Founded in 2012.

• Who are we?

Media company specializing in the field of marketing, advertising and media consulting. Our services include all advertising services starting with simple designs and ending with marketing plans for institutions and major advertising campaigns.


• What we do?

Odysseia Company provides integrated marketing solutions to major and evolving companies, our company meets all requirements expected by the client to promote their business/ goals and providing them with all the advertising services.

• Why us?

In Odysseia Company we deal with each project as a new challenge to our project team who always seeks to provide the best, with our local personnel and their youthful energy we always manage to achieve and exceed the level required by our clients.


• What is ODYSSEIA / Oδύσσεια !!!

We believe in history and we all connected to the past, that ancient past which we inspired, learned and formed from. Odysseia is ancient Greek epic poem, which history cannot forget. Described a matter in its unique way, made it a reference to literature and culture for many many years. one more thing, first times libya was mentioned was in Odysseia 🙂

• Establishment / HIGHTLIGHTS.

Odysseia has a wide range of experience in integrated political, social and humanitarian campaigns, national and global NGOs, private and governmental institutions.



Odysseia Company provides integrated marketing solutions to major and evolving companies, our company meets all requirements expected by the client to promote their business and providing them with all the advertising services.

  •  Design & Branding. 
  • Video Production.
  •  Photography. 
  • Radio Productions.
  •  Web Design & Development. 
  • Advertising Campaigns. 
  • Billboards, indoor Prints and Publications. 
  • Event’s support. 
  • Expo design and implement.

Scope of work

• Design services + Branding:

Design services are one of the most valued and essential services that Odysseia Company has to offer. The design services, such as logo and identity designs, are given special care and attention and are always completed to perfection as they are the main interface to any institution, company or any other activity.

•Advertising campaigns:

operation with a network of partners in the field of advertising platforms, we therefore offer our customers distinctive advertising campaigns with innovative ideas and unique modern designs that can be widespread across the city by providing media scene, publican’s prints, outdoor prints and media buying.

• Creative Photography:

Sourcing locations setups, models and creative solutions are a small side of our work sequences to get creative.

• Website design & E-marketing:

Websites are considered the best way to display the company’s identity on the Internet, in Odysseia Company we offer unique website design and development that fits all browsers and electronic devices. Odysseia Company provides practical solutions to individuals and institutions interested in marketing their business on the Internet through global search engines and social networks, such as Facebook and twitter etc.

• Prints

We providing wide range of billboards allover Libya, indoor Prints and Publications.


• Video Production:

Odysseia Company is renowned for the production of all types of videos to an exceptional standard. The process of video production starts with the writing of the script and the story board, and this is followed by the shooting, directing and editing of the video.

  • Event coverage 
  • Animation video production 
  • Awareness video production 
  • Demonstrational video production 
  • Documentary video production

• Radio Production:

We look after the whole process, from scripting and sourcing voice overs, to post-production and distribution to deliver your message in a succinct, engaging and memorable way. Details are matters for us as you, we provide you diversity of local and international voice overs, with Classical Arabic, Libyan Arabic and English languages to make sure of the distinguish from the rest of the ads and avoid repetition.

Slide Appreciation Certificate

Issued By : Almadar Aljadid
Date of Issue: 7th March 2019

Client details:
Location: Tripoli, Libya.
Sector: Public
Specialization: Communications and technology

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